Storage mezzanines, landings and catwalks

Appropriate warehouse mezzanines are an effective solution to increase the usability of storage space, using the full height of the hall. Multi-level platforms are used as storage, production, office and social space. The durable and stable construction with high load capacity up to 500 kg / m2 ensures safety of use. Storage mezzanines are easy to install and have the possibility of continuous expansion. It's a very flexible and cheaper solution that works great in workshops, warehouses and other warehouses.


storage space

cost of building

property tax


I version:
hall 2000m2 + mezzanine 1000m2

3000m2 2000m2 × 2000pln = 4 000 000pln + 1000m2 × 450pln
= 450 000zł
2000m2 × 15
= 30 000pln

Easy assembly, disassembly, quick expansion

II vesion:
hall 3000m2

3000m2 3000m2 × 2000pln
= 6 000 000pln
3000m2 × 15
= 45 000pln

Benefits of choosing
I version

The same usable area of 3000m2

Saving about PLN 1,550,000

Saving about
PLN 15 000

The possibility of disassembly after the warehouse rental has been completed


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