Office Containers - Space Creation

The modular system of the office / hall containers offered gives an ideal opportunity to create new rooms in a fast, changeable and affordable manner. It does not matter whether the new rooms are 1- or 2-storey, or whether they are located under or on a steel storage platform. With the use of prefabricated structural elements, you will create silent zones in warehouses and production halls in a short time. Subsequent changes to the premises or their transfer to another location can be made without any difficulties or problems.Current rationalisation, optimisation and control of production processes is playing an increasingly important role, therefore we will plan optimal spatial solutions for you and provide necessary rooms quickly and reliably, starting from a small workshop office to 2-story complexes.


  • optimal protection against noise and dust,
  • maximum transparency,
  • effective use of space,
  • modern design,
  • individual colours,
  • highest quality,
  • ready construction,
  • easy to enlarge.

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